ERIELL — an international oilfield services group.
We provide well drilling and workover services to leading oil and gas companies in Central and Southern Asia and Middle East
20 years in the market
  • 13million meters of rock drilled
  • 1,400units in machinery park
  • 82fully owned drilling rigs
  • > 4000wells built
  • > 12,000employees
  • +50⁰Сwe work in extreme conditions
We solve challenging tasks and set records in the field due to teamwork and our commitment to innovation
Bakhrombek Ismailov
Bakhrombek Ismailov
Head of Regional Business Unit, Central Asia
We offer a full range of oilfield services on key-turn, day rate and integrated project management
  • Production and exploration drilling
    Production and exploration drilling
    • We drill vertical, directional, horizontal, subhorizontal and multilateral wells
  • Complex project management
    Complex project management
    • We provide engineering support during well planning
    • We organize and conduct well construction, including supervising and logistics (mobilization, demobilization, derrick mounting, inventory delivery)
  • Well workover and well completion
    Well workover and well completion
    • Carry out well remedial works and workover
    • Carry out sidetracking workover
    • Carry out well completion and wellbore testing
    • Carry out production stimulation, hydraulic fracture
  • Additional services
    Additional services
    • Provide drilling-mud services and coring operations
    • We have our own wells cementing facilities, including laboratory
    • Create concept designs for field development
    • Carry out geophysical analysis
    • Carry out geological, flow, geomechanical simulation
We cooperate with leading companies in the oil and gas industry
We have drilled more than 13 million meters of rock formations and have completed the construction of more than 3,5 thousand wells
In the most difficult climate and geological conditions