Who we are
ERIELL — an international oilfield services group. We provide well drilling and workover services to leading oil and gas companies in Central and Southern Asia and Middle East.
Bakhrombek Ismailov
Head of Regional Business Unit, Central Asia
  • Since 2008 — Head of the regional business unit "Central Asia"
  • Mr. Ismailov graduated from Tashkent Polytechnic Institute and postgraduate degree in Economics from Khorezm State University
Our mission is to be the preferred drilling contractor to leading oil and gas companies, by providing the best performance, safety and quality
To be a top ranked contractor in providing oil and gas servicing to customers

To always exceed client expectations
Record well construction time at the Mustakillikning 25 Yilligi projects
Provide clients with the highest standards of environmental responsibility

To care for employees and ensure Health & Safety at all work sites
Be socially responsible
We support sport, reconstruction of education facilities, sponsorship of homes for the disadvantaged, the recovery of cultural monuments.
Use the most modern oilfield technologies
Maintaining the confidence
of our partners
Concern for our people
Respect for traditions
Constant development
Social responsibility
Commercial success
Health and Safety
Health and safety is our highest priority and we work constantly to ensure a safe working environment for our personnel. Our programme is focused on:
  • — A safe working environment for personnel
  • — Training personnel to work safely
  • — A culture of safe production
  • — Identifying risk and proactively mitigating it
  • — Showing leadership in safe behavior

To achieve these goals, we use an integrated management system, developed according to renowned international standards such as:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ISO 50001:2011
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • IADC and OGP principles
  • State and industry standards and procedures

  • The best company in the field of HSE at the end of 2019
To implement the concept, we use the Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Transport Safety
  • Environmental Safety
  • Permit to work only after passing examination in health in licensed clinics
  • Ensure the presence of medical personnel at all operational facilities
  • Conduct behavioural safety audit
  • Analyse incidents in other companies and do our best to prevent such cases
  • Implement digital monitoring cards
  • Trainings for personnel and required assessment after
  • Foster skills of winter driving, develop abilities of drivers to forecast emergency situations
  • Design own training courses “Defensive Driving”, “Transport Safety”, etc.
  • Implement IT-systems for transport monitoring
  • Minimise ecological risks through use of advanced technologies: pitless drilling, drilling cuttings, drilling fluids and drilling wastewater treatment systems
  • Manage sorting of industrial and consumer waste
  • Participate in environmental campaigns and competitions “VmesteYarche”, “DerevoZhizni”
  • Train personnel in environmental standards
Comply with the principles of social responsibility
  • Support regional development

    — Support for the construction and reconstruction of pre-school facilities, secondary schools, cultural monuments: holy complex “Zhiydaly-Ota” in Uzbekistan, etc.

    — Help orphan homes, homes for the disabled: “Muruvat” residential care facility in Karshi, Prague, etc.

    — Participate in charity events: donorship, #MYVMESTE, “The Pure Heart”, starikam.org etc.

    — Help regional administrations in conducting sports and cultural events: Children's Day, Victory Day, etc.

  • Take care of personnel

    — Help in medical treatment arrangements for personnel and their families, support in difficult circumstances

    — Build sport complexes for personnel: Tashkent, Karshi

    — Hold corporate sports competitions in football, futsal, volleyball and other sports.

    — Hold games and creativity competitions for children of employees

  • Support sport

    — Since 2018 ERIELL is the general sponsor of HUMO Tashkent Hockey Club, sponsor of youth Hockey schools in Tashkent

    — Partner in the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation

    — Supported construction first ice hockey stadium in Uzbekistan — “Humo Arena”

Careers at ERIELL
Thanks to our principles, during the last 17 years we have grown from 10 people into a large international oilfield services company
Foundation of the company
First contract for drilling of 28 vertical production wells on a turnkey basis was signed in Uzbekistan with Uzbekneftegas on June 14th.
ERIELL leads the market for drilling services in Uzbekistan
Company has grown rapidly: contracts with LUKOIL, Zarubezhneftegas, SNG Gissar Operating Company, new contracts with Uzbekneftgas.
1 067
Consolidation of company’s positions, entry into new market

Entry into new market – Bangladesh.

ERIELL opens its own training center in Uzbekistan.

4 478
ERIELL celebrates 10 years’ anniversary

IADC confirmed ERIELL’s accreditation for WellSharp and RigPass programs.

7 579
ERIELL — №1 in production and exploration drilling

Beginning of works in the Middle East: signing the contract for drilling operations in Iraq.

7 226
ERIELL sets drilling records – 1 million meters per year

More than 10 record times for well construction

Beginning of drilling operations at the most complex project in Uzbekistan — “25 years of Independency”

Opening of ERIELL’s sport centre in Karshi (Uzbekistan)

8 724
June 14th, 2019 – ERIELL’s 15th anniversary

ERIELL — general sponsor of HUMO Tashkent Ice Hockey Club.

>11 000
ERIELL is the best drilling contractor and the most environmentally friendly partner

More than 15 records for drilling speed and daily drilling progress.