We work equally effectively in all conditions
  • Severe climatic
  • Geological
  • Infrastructure
  • Temperature from +50⁰С and above in Uzbekistan and Iraq
  • Seasonal rains, wet tropical climate with high corrosive attack at all equipment
  • Abnormally high or low pore pressure
  • Super-deep wells
  • Big length of horizontal wellbore
  • Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide aggressive components
  • Going through salt and anhydrite depths
  • Zones with partial and full drilling mud loss
  • Deserts in Uzbekistan and Iraq
  • Difficult logistics due to busy roads and river crossings in Bangladesh
We use mobile to extra-heavy drilling rigs
Our fleet of drilling rigs is one of the most innovative and high-tech, including our extra-heavy drilling rig with a load capacity of 675 tons
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Cooperation with well-trusted auxiliary equipment manufacturers
All rigs are equipped with Top Drive System and multistage drilling fluid cleaning system, including equipment for cuttings drying as Verti-G
We use modern drilling technologies
We set records in the field and work at the most complex projects, because we constantly invest in technologies and personnel
  • Rotary Steerable System (RSS)
    Modern generation of bottom hole drilling assembly is used for drilling multilateral and horizontal wells with extremely big horizontal displacement, accurate wellbore placement and formation exposing, including HTR.
  • Hydrocarbon-based solutions (OBM), Including heavy (more than 2 g / cm3)
    Is used for almost completely eliminate the water permeability of the bottomhole zone of the well, preserve the natural oil saturation and permeability during coring in exploration drilling, minimize risks and increase efficiency in the construction of wells with large vertical displacement.
  • Logging-while-drilling (LWD)
    Is used to measure survey and technological parameters, real-time property investigation of drilled rocks.
  • Multi-stage fracturing
    It is used to increase the drainage area and production capacity of wells.
  • Coil tubing (CT)
    A self-contained, easily transportable, hydraulically driven rig that runs and lifts continuous coiled tubing into production tubing or drill / casing.
  • Casing While Drilling
    Is used to accelerate construction of upper drilling intervals.
  • Production rotative liner run
    Reduces the risk of liner failure in the productive horizon.
  • Lining the hole with foamed cement, expanding and anti-gas elements, steel-cord and swell packers
    Improves the quality of cementing, prevents the appearance of annular space (MCP).
  • DS1 drilling tools flaw detection
    Increases the reliability of the drilling operation.
  • Technical limits
    Allows drilling wells with minimal risk level and time commitment.
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