i-QVOT is: A single information space to ensure transparency of tender procedures. The intellectual product was created by Eriell International Oilfield Services Group and already today unites major industry companies such as Saneg, Enter Engineering, Fergana Oil Refinery, as well as more than 3 thousand registered contractors.
Registration in the system
EN Для завершения регистрации
To complete the registration you need to add detailed information about the company, upload scans of documents, as well as specify the sections of the nomenclature for which the company can participate in the ongoing tenders.
EN После проверки
After verification, an invitation and password-access to the site will be sent to the specified e-mail address.
en Для регистрации на i-QVOT
To register on i-QVOT you need to send a request with brief information about your company and its contact details.
I-QVOT Галирея
I-QVOT Галирея
I-QVOT Галирея

All information about tenders is available for registered participants of the procurement, admitted to the tender. And the bids of the participants are not disclosed until the tenders are summarized.

Thus, with i-QVOT, procurement is not a complicated and time-consuming process with a lot of documentation, but a convenient and smart and digital tool for doing business.