In order to activate the trade union movement

The trade union committees of ERIELL Group, Enter Engineering, Sanoat Energetika Guruhi (SEG) and the Ferghana Oil Refinery held a joint conference in Tashkent on February 18, 2022, where was discussed the issue of establishing a Joint Trade Union Committee (MIC).

The initiative to unite came from trade union leaders and was supported by members of the management of these four companies at a joint meeting held on January 28 this year.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Republican Council of the Trade Union of Workers of Energy, Oil and Gas and Geology Gofurjon Khamidov. He stressed that ERIELL Group and Enter Engineering make a significant contribution to the development of the fuel and energy complex of Uzbekistan, to the construction of important strategic industrial and social facilities. Among the implemented projects are the modernization and reconstruction of the Mubarek Gas Processing Plant, the construction of the Kandym gas processing Complex, the GTL plant for the production of liquid synthetic fuel, the Samarkand International Airport, the Humo Arena and Ice Arena ice palaces, the Silk Road tourist center, etc.


Sanoat Energetika Guruhi, participating in the implementation of the State Program to increase oil production in Uzbekistan, together with the Ferghana Refinery, make a significant contribution to the development of domestic production of import-substituting products in demand, in particular gasoline.

Gofurjon Khamitov noted that in the conditions of development of modern production, the role of trade unions in labor protection and industrial safety, protection of labor, socio-economic rights and interests of labor collectives is increasing. In this regard, he expressed full support for the ideas of the development of the trade union movement from the Republican Council of Trade Unions of the industry.


Timur Abdullayev, the Administrative Director of Enter Engineering, noted the timeliness and significance of the idea of uniting trade unions in his speech:

"The group of companies is growing and developing rapidly. Once we started working in a small company where the number of employees barely reached 100 people. Today there are more than 60 thousand of us. We support the proposal to unite four trade unions, our task is to activate the trade union movement, creating all the necessary opportunities for the labor collective, employees, creating conditions so that they are satisfied with their work, feel taken care of themselves."

During the conference, the delegates of the conference decided by open vote to establish a joint trade union committee with the participation of the trade unions ERIELL Group, Enter Engineering, SEG and FNPZ.

Decisions were also made on the name of the Joint Trade Union Committee - "E.E.F.S." (the first letters from the names of companies); on the formation of a trade union committee, the presidium and the audit commission from among the trade union activists of companies, on the approval of the Regulations of the United Trade Union Committee.


Alim Yunusov, who has been Deputy Head of the ERIELL Representative Office for General and Social Issues for the past 10 years, was elected Chairman of the United Trade Union Committee "E.E.F.S.". Maxim Vasiliev, Head of the Department of Economics and Finance of Enter Engineering, was elected Chairman of the Audit Commission of the Defense Industry.

Further, Alim Yunusov presented a presentation of the strategy for the development of trade union work under the motto: "In unity - towards justice and development." As it was noted, the trade union is the only legitimate and independent public organization endowed with the rights of representation and protection of labor, socio-economic rights and interests of employees.

The purpose of the Defense Industry is to become an influential and strong organization that protects the rights and interests of employees, promotes human development, the introduction of the principles of decent work and social justice.

"Our goal is to protect the interests and rights of employees. We must build an open dialogue with employers, as well as work to improve the working conditions of employees and increase the role of the trade union in the life of labor collectives,"- stressed Natalia Bakhromova, who was elected to the Defense Industry from ERIELL Group.

The founding conference was also attended by the deputy chairman of the Republican Branch Council of the Trade Union of Uzbekistan, the head of the labor Inspectorate S. Tukhtaev and other responsible employees of the branch Council.


After the end of the founding conference, the first joint meeting of the professional asset of the defense industry "E.E.F.S." with employers and responsible employees of 4 companies took place.

Issues such as the development of forms and methods of social partnership and strengthening public control of trade unions over industrial safety and labor protection; monitoring compliance with socio-economic and labor rights and interests of employees; organization of regular field visits to study the moral and psychological climate and mood of workers, identification of pressing problems in their working conditions, leisure and recreation were discussed; organization and holding of competitions and contests between companies; popularization of sports and physical culture, etc.


On the discussed issues, the Deputy General Directors of Enter Engineering and SEG T. Abdullaev and H.Khojimetov shared their opinions and suggestions. , heads of HR services S. Markelova, T. Khojaniyazov, heads of Internal Security services Sh. Rakhmatov, R. Mirzaev, A. Mammadov, chairmen of trade union committees B. Kenzhaev, R. Saidaliev, H. Azimov.